Supermoon: A Spectacular Sight You Can’t Afford to Miss

Supermoon: A Spectacular Sight You Can’t Afford to Miss

Skywatchers be prepared as you can witness today the Moon closest it has ever been to the Earth in the 21st century.

What is Supermoon?

Perigee-Syzygy, or commonly known as Supermoon, is a phenomenon where the Earth appears closest to the planet as it passes through the monthly orbit.

The Moon orbits in an elliptical or oval shape, which means the distance between the planet and the moon varies at all times, and is never constant. When the Moon is the closest and in full form, it is termed as a Supermoon.

Supermoons are usually up to 14% larger and 30% brighter.

super moon 2016

Why is this Supermoon special?

One in every 14 full moons is a Supermoon. In 2016, we witnessed one on October 16 and there’s going to be another on December 14th.

So why is this Supermoon significant?

After its appearance in 1948, this Supermoon will be a record-356,445 Km closest to the Earth. So it will be exceptionally larger and brighter.

And, if you miss the chance to witness this beautiful sight, you’ll have to wait until November 25, 2034 to see the next one.

Witness this marvel tonight

The Supermoon will reach its full peak at 8:52 am EST on November 14th, i.e. 7:22 pm IST.

It’s a great time for the people in India to plan a wonderful evening viewing the Supermoon.

super moon 2016

This Supermoon makes for the perfect setup to plan a romantic night with your soulmate. Head out to the less crowded places in your city and enjoy the marvelous sight. A jewellery gift or any thoughtful presents can brighten up the mood even better!

But hey, this phenomenon isn’t only for the romantics.

Spend the evening with your friends and family, admiring

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