Blue Sapphire: Loyalty, Sincerity and Elegance

Blue Sapphire: Loyalty, Sincerity and Elegance

Blue Sapphire: Loyalty, Sincerity and Elegance

Like we said in our previous post, every day of this festive season, we’ll be picking up one colored gemstone from our unique jewellery collection.  Today it’s all about Blue Sapphires! Sapphires are loved and adorned by women of all ages. They are absolutely gorgeous and look stunning whether it is a necklace, rings or earrings.

All about Sapphires

The word Sapphire is derived from the Latin word ““saphirus” and the Greek word “sapheiros,” both meaning blue. In ancient times, they were considered as celestial gemstones as Persians believed that the world rests on a giant sapphire and the reflection of the gemstone colored the sky blue. They also have biblical significance and the Catholics believed that the blue color represented heaven. They are most commonly mined from Sri Lanka and Cambodia whereas India provides the most valued blue sapphire in the world.

Interesting facts

  • Sapphires are usually considered as a reflection of the soul.
  • It symbolizes truth, fidelity and sincerity. Hence they make the perfect engagement rings and wedding anniversary gifts.
  • They are taken as a sign of undying true love.
  • They are also deemed as the September birthstone.

Benefits of Sapphires

  • Sapphires are considered to hold healing powers which enables in soothing the senses. It helps wearer reach a state of tranquility and mental clarity
  • Among other benefits, Sapphires help in digestion improves concentration and focus.
  • The wearer of this gemstone will see a change instantly. It has an impact on wealth, good luck and opportunity.
  • Blue Sapphire represents Saturn and one can see a boost in metabolism and energy.
  • It is a protective gemstone shielding you from jealousy, evil eye and hexing.

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Stay tuned because there’s lots more posts coming up!

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